Hog Roast Sheerness

For fine meat catering around Sheereness and Kent look no further than Hog Roast Sheereness for all your event needs. At Hog Roast Sheereness we have curated a perfect dining experience of traditionally made premium roasts uncontested anywhere else on the market. It is an utterly unique food experience not offered anywhere else in catering – and certainly not at such low and affordable prices as this! So whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate affair, anniversary, birthday, small dinner party, festival or otherwise, then Hog Roast Sheereness are the only caterer you should be looking to this year.

Our speciality is in top quality meats finely roasted with the traditional spit roaster to create a perfect texture and taste for our hog roasts not otherwise possible via regular old roasting methods. With our very own mobile spit roaster we have married traditionality with modern magnificence as our elite chefs finely spice and flavour your freshly prepared hog roast.

Once on the spit roaster your pork or other roast chars throughout the day in a glorious spectacle of fiery brilliance and tasty aroma until just perfect so as to hold incredible juicy meat flavour with a crispy skinned texture. The spit roast takes a tad more time and effort than your average roasting method, but its results really do speak for themselves.

Our hog roast is the kind of brilliant unique experience capable of livening up any event – and that’s before you’ve even tasted its delicious meaty flavour!

Showstopping Sides, Salads, and More in Sheereness

At Hog Roast Sheereness we boast a huge variety of exquisite dishes to really flesh out our whole service for all. Accompanying the speciality hog roast you’ll find many other meat dishes as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free mains, sides, salads, canapes and more! With buffet and set menu dining available you truly are spoiled for choice at Hog Roast Sheereness, but fortunately we’ve made life easier with our team’s expert recommendations designed to give you a perfectly refined taste experience fitting to your needs and budget. We’ll never cap you on quality even at lower budgets as we ensure our services work flexibly to all costs.

So, remember – for the finest food catering and service in Kent give Hog Roast Sheereness a call today!