Hog Roast Otford

For a premium dining experience with a difference this year choose Hog Roast Otford for all your event catering needs in Kent and Otford. Our business is prime meat roasting done with an unrivalled excellence as we bring together modern culinary brilliance with the traditional roasting methods of our ancestors.

We specialise in slow-roasted pork offerings and as such we put an onus on sourcing the highest quality meats so that every cut is the best it can be. With such fine ingredients and meats reared from local sources our namesake hog roast is a delicious delight capable of livening up any occasion.

Our famous hog roast is freshly prepared and perfectly cooked over many hours on our trademark spit roaster. This is where the uniqueness of the Hog Roast Otford brand comes to the fore as the spit roaster recreates the traditional roasting experience which burns bright in a dazzling display of fiery spectacle and a mouth-watering smoky aroma to match. With the traditional spit roaster too your hog roast is guaranteed to go a level beyond as its results come out to an achievement of finely spiced crispiness around the skin while preserving all of the lovely tender meat inside, bursting with all its flavoursome juices and tasty texture.

Such brilliance takes just that little bit longer, but for Hog Roast Otford the time and effort is all the more worth it once you see and taste the results! It is brilliance beyond anything you’ve ever tried in catering.

Premium Dining Made Affordable in Otford

With a flexible service our catering is ready for every occasion – weddings, corporate functions, festivals, anniversaries, social club nights, birthdays and more! For your events we have a brilliant accompaniment of meat dishes, vegan mains, veggie sides, and gluten free substitutes to complement our showstopping hog roast centre piece. With so much on offer we’ve ensured our friendly team are ready with an expert knowledge of all things delicious to provide recommendations for your personally refined buffet or set menu dining style. Our services all come under affordable costs too, and we ensure a flexibility to different budgets without ever scrimping out on quality.

So, what’s the wait? Hog Roast Otford are taking bookings today so don’t miss out!