Hog Roast Broadstairs

There’s a buzzing atmosphere in Broadstairs that is alluring to locals and visitors of this seaside town. With its fantastic festivals, gorgeous cliff-top views, and vibrant streets, this place has it all. If you’re holding an event here, be it a birthday celebration, lavish wedding, or works function, we would love to help you plan the perfect party. Hog Roast Broadstairs can create a banquet as beautiful as the briny backdrop.

What better accompaniment to the salty tinge in the air, than the tantalising aroma of meat slowly turning on a spit? You’ll be licking your lips in anticipation of the first bite of succulent pork and crunchy crackling. Or perhaps you prefer to tuck into turkey or chomp on chicken? Though we specialise in pork, our menu offers plenty of variety – including vegetarian options for your non-meat-eating guests.

With a place this stunning, it is likely you’ll be holding your event outside. However, we can bring our services inside. As long as we have access to your venue a few hours before your party begins, Hog Roast Broadstairs can fire up the spit anywhere. Why do we need to be there so early? Well, we cook everything from scratch on the day, but it takes time. We will work with you to pick the optimum serving time and work backwards from there.

A Feast For The Eyes And The Palate in Broadstairs

Through our various packages and services, we offer more to you than just the main. Why not begin with mouthwatering canapés or an appetising starter? Then finish off with a delightfully delicious dessert. Let Hog Roast Broadstairs take care of supplying the cutlery and napkins. We can even provide you with a professional waiting team to serve the food to your guests if you’re not a big fan of queues.

It’s our mission to serve everyone a memorable meal. All of the ingredients we use are high-quality, fresh and from a local source. As we use top of the range spit-roasting machines, the meat is moist and full of flavour. Our skilled chefs take the same level of care with our colourful salads and seasonal vegetable sides. Every single bite you eat will be a delight for your tastebuds.

So, if you’re after stress-free catering with food that tastes sublime, get in touch with us today.